Audiophile THIXAR HiFi-Gerätebasen und HiFi-Racks – The Fundamentals of Sound.


Jedes High-End-Setup klingt nur so gut, wie es auf­ge­stellt ist. Egal, wie gut und teuer die verwen­deten Kompo­nenten: Ohne das klang­­liche Ver­besse­­rungs­­poten­­tial aus der Nano­tech­nologie von THIXAR läßt sich aus keiner Anlage wirklich das heraus­holen, was in ihr steckt. Entdecken Sie end­lich das, was jeder Audiophile sein Leben lang sucht: Peace. Mit Musik, die atmet. Mit Bühnen, die leben. Ohne Störungen, ohne gegenseitige Beein­flussung der Geräte, ohne Raum­effekte. Den Unter­schied, den THIXAR macht, kann jeder sofort hören. Und Tests der einfluss­reichs­ten Experten bestätigen: Der Weg zum seeli­schen und musika­lischen Frieden führt für ernst­hafte Enthu­siasten über die funda­mentalen Kompo­nenten von THIXAR. Mehr lesen…


Thixar Audio for the first time at Vietnam AV Show in Hanoi with ATLANTIC AUDIO!ATLANTIC AUDIO xin trân trọng kính mời quý khách đến tham quan tại gian phòng của Atlantic Audio AV Show – phòng 205A – 202C – 216A – Trung tâm hội nghị quốc gia.

Rất nhiều sản phẩm mới, thương hiệu mới, độc đáo và thú vị đang chờ các bạn khám phá và thưởng thức

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PEACE in Indonesia!

At Indonesia Hifi Show our distributor Absolute Sound Singapore combined our platforms SILENCE and SILENCE PLUS with equipment from Accuphase and FM Acoustics.

It sounds great! Mehr…Weniger…

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Give PEACE a chance with Absolute Sound Singapore!

Give PEACE a chance with Absolute Sound Singapore!The dCS Network Bridge resting on the Thixar Audio Silence Plus.

The Silence Plus platform consists of two parts, the upper support surface playing a key role as whatever equipment resting on it, fully rests on Thixar’s proprietary gel formula which effectively attenuates vibrations across the frequency spectrum. The result? Lower levels of noise in your audio so the details can truly stand out.

Available for demo at our Adelphi Showrooms #03-37/38. Mehr…Weniger…

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How much do these platforms cost in Singapore and are they good for Vinyl players ?

Great time in Warsaw!

CORE trends – Hi-Fi, High End, inteligentny dom i automatyka is presenting our products to Polish audiophiles. Mehr…Weniger…

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That´s the way it is. PEACE!

Absolute Sound Singapore

That´s the way it is. PEACE!

Absolute Sound SingaporeThe Thixar Audio Silence Plus platform effectively decouples equipment you place on it from the surface beneath, while efficiently suppressing vibrations generated from within your equipment so you can enjoy your music without interference.

Now available on demo with various components at our Adelphi showrooms #03-37/38. Mehr…Weniger…

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